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Bowling Shoes


Striking Results Pro Shop Locations handle 3 major brands of High quality Mens, Womens, and Youth Bowling Shoes. Shoes are a very important part of your bowling equipment. A good quality and comfortably fitting bowling shoe can ad pins to your bowling average.

Good quality bowling shoes are made with a "sliding" sole that allows bowlers to slide with their sliding foot during the last step of their approach. This sole is generally made of leather or of a synthetic-type leather. A proper and consistent slide is very important in the execution of a good bowling shot.

We always have over 500 pairs of shoes in stock. All price ranges and many different styles for men women and children.

We stock over 750 pair at 16 locations for your selection. Swing on by one of our Convenient Locations and

purchase a pair today. 

15% OFF



on selected brands

15% Off In-stock only

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