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USBC Trained and Certified 
Coaching and Instruction

Whether you are looking to make your mark in the PBA or just trying to add a few more pins to your average, bowling lessons with STRIKING RESULTS can help. Athletes from all sports now use video analysis to improve their performances, and bowling is no different.  We study your game on a frame-by-frame basis with high resolution, and obtain ball speed and rev rate analysis.  This system will allow us to analyze your bowling swing in more detail then ever before.  We use the state of the art Motion View digital video bowling analysis software system to analyze every aspect of your game. You will learn how to adjust your power, control and approach. You will see your game from back, and side, angles. See yourself compared to our library of players including many PBA stars and other high level players. Look at your Physical Game with on Lane Coaching - Explore all of the bio-mechanical movements for a perfect approach. Learn to enhance not only you're A game, but develop a competitive B and C game to add to your arsenal. We will check the fit and drilling of your ball and help you make changes that will get the most out of every ball you roll.

What are you waiting for!.... $65… and an hour of your time will give you great insights into your game and a “Personalized Detailed Practice Sheet" for improvement.    

 Call today to arrange your first lesson and start rolling a better game tomorrow.

CALL DANNIAL COHEN ....770-480-0397

or Text: PAUL HAMMETT....678-643-4005



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