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STRIKING RESULTS is a full-service retail bowling store

offering the following services: 

Ball Drilling, Fitting, and Layout:

We are a professional team of pro shop operators with over 40 years of bowling experience and knowledge. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and in depth knowledge of ball drilling, fitting and layout techniques. We produce consistently accurate drilling in a timely manner. A good fit for every customer is what we strive for and to make every customer’s experience in the sport of bowling an enjoyable one. It is important to us to build a personal relationship with all our customers out on the lanes, help them improve their game, and of course have more fun.



Plug Work:

When customers come in with plug work we are happy to help. From fixing a grip issue to completely plugging and drilling a ball, we will give you fast professional grade service.


Complete Plug-----$60.00

Thumb Only-------- $40.00

Fingers Only--------$40.00

Surface Adjustments:

Surface maintenance is very important especially in the modern game. We will help you maintain that new in box surface with our surface adjustment procedures and products.


Sanded Finish----------------- $7.00

Polished Finished------------ $7.00

Oil Extraction ----------------$20.00

Complete Ball Resurface $25.00

Ball Maintenance Program

1 year........$115.00

6 Months...$90.00

3 Months...$70.00

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