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About Us

  Our highly trained and dedicated staff is what sets STRIKING RESULTS Pro Shops apart from our competition. We are members of IBPSIA (International Bowling Pro Shops & Instructors Association)   We also stay “in the know” by attending manufacturer seminars and industry training clinics on a regular basis. Have been awarded several rewards both Domestically & Internationally in the fields of USBC Certified Coaching & Instruction and Bowling Ball Drilling.

  We are extremely proud of our staff as we believe that without them, we would not be successful at providing “TRUE Striking Results” for our customers! We take our time during the fitting process.  Our goal is to provide you with a personalized fit that requires minimal grip pressure resulting in your ability to make quality repeatable bowling shots. Our employees know and practice and adhere to the International Bowling and Instructors Associations Guide lines. Our employees in the Pro Shop know our business and the bowling industry better than anyone. If you have a question about the latest ball, or the hottest products on the market, we’ll tell you what we use and what bowlers are buying.

 If you currently have a bowling ball fit that is causing you pain or any other issues, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with a grip analysis in an effort to find the problem and resolve it for you.

Stop into one of our 7 locations for a professional grip analysis to experience the immediate positive changes it can make in your bowling game!

  To contact the pro shop please call  770-480-0397 or send me an email at   

As always, thank you for your business and support


Dannial Cohen                                            

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