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Striking Results Ball
Maintenance Package


   Purchasing a new bowling ball is quite an investment these days! As with any new bowling ball purchase you want to make sure that you get the best lane reaction and performance by taking proper care of it.


    Today's new resin cover-stocks require much more maintenance than the rubber, plastic or urethane cover-stocks of the past.

    Have you ever wondered why your ball isn’t hooking, even though you’re doing everything you’ve always done? It’s very possible you’ve gone too long without cleaning it and the surface can’t grab the lane anymore.


    Modern reactive resin bowling balls absorb oil every time they are rolled down a lane. This is because they contain microscopic pores in the cover-stock, which is part of the reason they hook so much. You can think of your bowling ball like a sponge; eventually it can’t absorb any more oil. When this happens, you will notice that the ball does not hook as much as it used to. It is important to regularly maintain the surface of your bowling ball to make sure that it does not become saturated with oil.


    Reactive cover-stocks require cleaning Every time when you’re done bowling to increase the ball’s usable life span. And it’s quite simple, the cleaning process: We recommend a microfiber towel and USBC APPROVED reactive ball cleaners. Striking Results strongly recommends our proven line of cleaners. 

    All Striking Results shops are equipped with The latest technology and equipment to perform this maintenance for you for a small fee.

      Drop in and we will be more than happy

to sign you up.


Twist Tool

Turbo Switch A Roo
Insert Assist Tool

Ball Maintenance Program

Package1 ........$60.00

12 Sand or Polish 

1 Striking Results Shammy

Package 2.........$110.00

12 Sand or Polish & 5 De-Oil

1 Striking Results Shammy

1 Bottle of Storm Reacta Clean or CTD Purple Stuff

Package 3.........$160.00

20 Sand or Polish & 10 De-Oils

1 Striking Results Shammy

1 Bottle of Storm Reacta Clean or CTD Purple Stuff

Ultimate Bowling Products Multi-Tool

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