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 Have you ever wondered why your ball isn’t hooking, even though you’re doing everything you’ve always done? It’s very possible you’ve gone too long without cleaning it and the surface can’t grab the lane anymore.  Resin bowling balls absorb oil every time they are rolled down a lane. They contain microscopic pores in the cover-stock, which is why they hook so much. You can think of your bowling ball like a sponge; eventually it can’t absorb any more oil. When this happens, you will notice that the ball does not hook as much as it used to. It is important to regularly maintain the surface of your bowling ball, and return it back to the out of box finish to make sure that it performs the way it did when first purchased. 


All Striking Results shops are equipped with The latest technology and equipment to perform this maintenance for you for a small fee. Per ball or with a monthly or yearly service plan.

      Drop in and we will be more than happy to sign you up.


$85.00 - 1 Year
$60.00 - 6 Months
$45.00 - 3 Months



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